It is a statutory requirement for every parish to have a FINANCE TEAM.  The team is formed by the Finance Co-ordinator, who is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council, with guidance from the parish priest.

Finance Team for 2017-2018

Parish Priest                   Fr Ken Payne
Finance Co-ordinator     Sue Finch
John Hannacher             PPC chair
Steve Gill                       responsible for Gift Aid
Philip Patten                  Financial Accounts support (retired accountant)

The Finance Co-ordinator’s role is to:

1           Call meetings of the Finance Team up to 4 times a year (after receiving financial
             updates from the diocese), or less if no financial issues arise.

2           Report to the Council such information as they need to know in relation to income.

3           Act as a communication link between the Council, the Finance Team and parishioners
             they represent.

4           Ensure that the financial records required by the Diocese are properly kept.

5           Send the returns required by the Diocese on time and in good order.

6           Oversee the collection and counting of monies.

7           Ensure that collection envelopes are available when needed and that Gift Aid forms are
             up to date.