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3rd April 2020

In response to the increasing level of demand from vulnerable children and families, Restore Hope has set up a new volunteer partnership project called ‘Storehouse’ in partnership with volunteers from local churches, Chiltern Foodbank and others from across the community. They are planning to give away free 1000 Kids Boxes of Hope. (These will contain all sorts of craft items, indoor and outdoor games and fun stuff to keep children happy) and 1000 Easter Blessing Boxes. (These will contain quality Easter Eggs for the family, details of The Easter Story of the Death & Resurrection of Jesus and other items for children). Every box will also have a flyer inside it saying that this is from Storehouse and is a gift from Local Churches working in partnership with Foodbank.

With demand for emergency food forecast to escalate rapidly, they are also working with Foodbank to source significant quantities of food from wholesalers so they can pick and pack 1000's of boxes a week and distribute to Foodbank and Church hubs across the region. They have the following critical needs and if parishioners could help in any way, details can be found below:-

1) They urgently need financial donations to pay for the Easter items in the Easter Blessing Box, the craft items in the Kids Box of Hope and all the packaging and health equipment to pack them safely. (2000 boxes). The average pack boxed cost to Restore Hope will be approx. £20 so they need to raise a minimum of £40,000 to fund this.
Donations can be made here

2) Many more volunteers are needed for picking and packing. More specialist volunteer roles are also required. E.g. Shift Supervisors, Order Clerks, Volunteer processing, admin support, phone lines, Fundraisers, Printing, Cleaners, Drivers.
To volunteer please email

3) Chiltern Foodbank is now based at Latimer and will need more financial donations to enable the purchase of food that they will pack.

4) Pray for the whole project and the families who receive these items. Pray for provision of the food we need to fill the foodbank boxes.

1st April 2020
To read Fr Ken's Easter Letter to the Parish please click here.

31st March 2020.
Making financial donations while the church is closed.

If you normally support the parish via a weekly offering at Mass, and would like to continue this while the church is closed, please go to the Diocesan website where there is information on how to donate online. Thank you

24th March 2020
Journey into Freedom

As we won't be able to meet in person, if you wish, please send a sentence or two on what you've noticed in this week's prayer material to Joanna at or phone and leave a message on 01494 724487 by the end of Saturday. She will compile and circulate the contributions to those contributing and anyone else who has been praying with the material and requests it. Please say if you would like your Christian or full name to be included with your sentence(s) or if you prefer to remain anonymous, that's fine - just say so. The note will be blind copied: no-one else's email addresses will be revealed.